Poltergeist Press is dedicated to bringing Russian readers the best in horror fiction from around the globe. We understand English-speaking collectors may also be interested in our editions, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach us on our email address below.

Although Russian novels are our primary focus, we also release books in the English language.

(We do not accept author submissions at this time.)

Please click HERE for our full line-up of books, or choose from one of the titles below:

Russian Editions

Brian Keene - Dark Hollow

Edward Lee - The Backwoods

Jeff Strand - From The Trunk With Love (three novellas)

Tim Curran - Dead Sea

Brian Keene - The Rising

Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar - Widow's Point

Richard Chizmar - The Girl On The Glider

Guy N Smith - The Crabs Trilogy

Bryan Smith - Slowly We Rot

Aaron Dries - The Fallen Boys

Kelli Owen - Six Days 

English Editions

Mary SanGiovanni - The Hollower

Robert Ford and Matt Hayward - A Penny For Your Thoughts

Matt Hayward - Brain Dead Blues

Matt Hayward - What Do Monsters Fear?

Aaron Dries - A Place For Sinners

Matt Hayward - The Faithful

Matt Hayward and Patrick Lacey - Practitioners

Glenn Rolfe - Blood and Rain

Chad Lutzke - Of Foster Homes and Flies

Matt Hayward - Various States of Decay